Growing Disciples

The Great Commission is about making disciples. The mandate by our Lord was given to the church, and it is primarily the work of the local church through the ordinary means of grace. Like any parachurch ministry, Occom Ministries wants to walk with Native churches in that process. We recognize that some Native pastors simply do not that the time to invest in their flock as much as they would like. So many Native pastors are bi-vocational, splitting their time between work, family, church, and the challenges in Indian country.

We want to help grow the Native Christian church by growing disciples and enabling them to better serve where they live and worship. We want to help strengthen the sheep of the flock, which we trust will help the pastor fulfill his call to lead the charge in the Great Commission in Indian country.

Our main focus right now to fulfill this goal is the Occom Discovery Center .

As the name implies, ODC aims towards discovery. Above all, we seek to discover the glories of the Triune God who is as he has revealed himself in the Holy Scriptures. In light of that revelation, we seek to discover our place in his kingdom. God has gifted each and every believer. ODC seeks to help Native American/First Nations disciples of Christ discover their gifts and foster a vision to engage them in the kingdom. In this regard, ODC is a place to begin and/or continue to discover their calling in this world.

Currently we have been offered land to begin, but at this point, there is one legal issue that the Lord needs to work out for us. It is a simple remedy, but it takes time to resolve. There are still a number of questions that need to be addressed, but right now, things look very promising. Please pray for the Lord to give us wisdom to discern how to move forward. 

Regina and dear friend, Deneise 

A perfect spot for our main meeting hall

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